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Hello everyone, In the last post we have discussed the On-Page SEO concepts like Meta Title, Descriptions, Image Tag, Etc. This post is the continuation of that article. So make sure if you did not read my past article, Please Click Here. Today we are going to discuss On-Page technical SEO. Let us jump to concepts.

Error Pages (Technical SEO) 

Our most familiar error page is 404. Apart from the 404 error page. We have lots of Error pages. Before going to deep, My question is what is error page? and why we are using on our website? Actually Error page is a communication way between user and server. We use error page for passing the message to our users like this page is permanently moved or temporarily unavailable. Below we will see some important webpage error.

404 Error Page:

One of the popular error page in our internet life. Another name for the 404 is Not Found. Yes, If you requesting an incorrect URL or Content on the respective website that webpage will be shown this 404 error code. Because your requested content is not available on that website or server.

301 Error Page:

301 error code for especially people, who always changed their website and URL. Yes, we are using 301 status code to shown message to the user, your requested URL is permanently changed to other URL. Mostly we are using 301 for updating new page for existing page with changing of URL.

302 Error Page:

Another name for 302 is Temporarily Unavailable. But you can access this content or page after a few minutes, days or weeks ( Based on the website owner decision). Actually, we are using 302 for updating our new content or interface on your website without changing the URL.

500 Error Page:

Rare error page. Yes, 500 error page or status code means that website server cannot process your requested URL, Content or anything for an unknown reason. It’s based on your server performance and website clear coding.

Website Internal Linking (Technical SEO)

Internal Linking is a very easy process in On-Page SEO. Again we will research based on our Dell showroom. In AB Computers site, you have 5 different brands pages. Some people always love Apple and some people love only Dell. It’s based on their client’s choice. For Example, One new user searching laptop on AB Computers website. They always love Apple brand. In contrast, their budget is very low around Rs: 50,000 only. We know Apple is always expensive, MacBook price starts from Rs: 67,000 only. After viewing the Apple system page. They decided Apple is not economically worth for their budget. At the time, If you give your Dell page internal link on the bottom of that page with some kicker headings like “Are you worried about Price. Don’t worry, Click Here”. With this trick, you can easily generate your business leads and at the same time, it will help on your SEO purpose.

Robots.txt (Technical SEO)

Robots.txt is a text file. We are created to instruct Google Bots or other search engine web robots how to crawl ( name of the process reading pages on websites by Robots ) on our website.


User-agent: *
Allow: /

User Agent means the name of the robots like Google Bot, Bing Bot, Etc.

Allow means which directory you want to allow to crawl. If you give / ( Forward Slash ) means you are allowing all content to crawl by robots.

Disallow means which directory you want to restrict for crawling by robots. If you give / ( Forward Slash ) means you restrict all content to crawl by robots. Likely if you want to restrict specific content like private contents denote the directory name after the forward slash like Disallow: /downloads. If you give disallow that content will not be crawl and index by Google or anything other search engines.

Note: Remember, Once your page is indexed by Google means you can’t permanently remove that page or URL from Google.

Sitemap Submission (Technical SEO)

A sitemap is a way of organizing a website, identifying the URLs and the data under each section. First of all, robots always view the sitemap before reading our website pages. Because sitemap only coordinator with robots to find out the correct pages or URL. Mostly Sitemaps in XML file format. Today we have lots of free Sitemap Generator tools are available in Online.

Note: If you want to check your sitemap is available on your website. Simply search www.yourwebsitename.com/sitemap.xml

Webmaster Setup (Technical SEO)

A webmaster is a free tool by the respective search engine for auditing our website. Mostly available on familiar search engines like Google, Bing, Etc. Through this tool, you can audit your website errors & suggestions like crawl errors, Which search queries are used by users to reach your site?, Mobility issues, Etc. Without webmaster, you can’t submit your website to search engine. Yes, Webmaster is a way to submit your site to search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Etc.

I hope this article will help you to understand the On-page SEO. Stay on the tune. In later weeks, I planned to post articles about tips & tricks of SEO, Off-Page SEO, Etc. Comment Your Doubts & Opinions…

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