Start A Own YouTube Channel

YouTube has over a billion channels. But not all the channels are very popular. Because they have so much of content lacking. Yes of course! Today few people only creating channels to share their innovation and knowledge with others. Remaining peoples are creating channels for unknown reasons. Here we are going to discuss What are the steps should follow before starting a famous YouTube channel for share knowledge, innovations, Etc…


It means your channel theme. Like Tech, Tutorials, Paranormal, General Knowledge, Exam Preparations, Etc. Before deciding the theme. Just take a survey with your friends, Colleagues, families about what knowledge they have to develop? After deciding the theme. Develop your incredible skills in that field. If you have an idea to share your known knowledge then skip the survey method.

Account Setup

Get a new Google account for your YouTube channel and create a channel.
Use a related unique name for your channel based on your theme. Then Optimize your YouTube channel like adding Bio, Privacy setting options, Etc.


Using graphic logo will give real brand identity for your channel. To create a unique logo based on a theme and also create a channel header image. Header image must includes channel name and about theme.

Kits & Room Setup (For interacting Channels)

Arrange a small room for youtube videos with interior decors based on your channel themes or otherwise use Green screen.

Camera – use a high-quality Pro camera or DSLR. My choice is always the Pro Camera (Video Camera). If you use DSLR for your video shoots. It fastly affects the sensor of the camera. So mostly try to move with Pro cameras or Handy cameras.

Mic – Use lapel or Bi-Directional Mics. My first choice is always Lapel or Colar Mics. Reasonable, User-friendly and easily accessible. Please buy some branded Lapel Mic for your life long use.

Kits (For Tutorials Channels)

Create high-quality videos with the help of the best screen recorder like Ice Cream Screen Recorder.

Mic – When your making tutorial video, please double check with the quality of your audio. Because most of the people didn’t give importance to the audio. Without clear audio, your video is waste. So use lapel or Bi-Directional Mics. Please buy some branded Lapel Mic for your life long use.

Camera (Optional) – This is now trending. But very interacting when creating the video you can easily interact with your audience.


Editing is very essential for videos. Use some professional video editing tools for your videos like Adobe Premiere Pro or FCP X (Final Cut Pro X). Above software are paid with strong support. If you don’t have the knowledge to work with these tools. Check with youtube for tutorial videos. You have a lot of free videos for professional training.

Premiere Release

Use premiere option in youtube. When releasing a new video on your channel. Because it has so many features like chats, automatic notifications, Etc and also Share with your families, friends, and colleagues. Don’t forget to get feedback about the video not only video includes your way of interaction, audio & video quality, etc.

Interaction & Responding

Check your comment box for audience feedback. Because it will definitely helpful for developing yourself and also reply to those comments.

Social Presence & Promo

Create social profiles for your channel on the following sites: Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Vimeo. Keep posting about your upcoming videos on social profiles. It will create huge traffic to your channel.

Regular Updates & Earning

Mostly try to release 2–3 video per week with strong and interesting content & stories. If you want to earn money with your videos link your account with Google Adsense.

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